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Each event has a sponsorship program designed specifically for that event. Click on the event of your interest to see what sponsorships are available.

  • Educator’s Conference
  • Scholarship Award Assembly
  • Windows to the World Fundraiser
  • Student Educational Workshops


This is an opportunity for you to sponsor a student for their entire term in school. This sponsorship requires:

  1. A 4 year commitment in which you fund ($4,500) a student for the 4 years of their college career.
  2. Sponsorship announced at Student award dinner and Windows of the World annual event
  3. Attend the Annual Event

The benefits provided:

  1. Name your sponsorship
  2. Choose the school to sponsor from JTF qualified schools
  3. Meet your recipient
  4. Follow your student through their college career
  5. 2 Tickets to Windows of the World Annual event and dine with your student (year your scholarship is awarded)
  6. Announced and recognized on the website, annual event program, newsletter and annual report.


An endowment scholarship never ends and is named by you, providing a legacy for you or a loved one. This Sponsorship is a lifetime scholarship that would be provided to a student forever. The percentage of this endowment sponsors a student or two with a $1,000 scholarship annually. Providing an endowed scholarships, means the scholarship will never die. The interest from the endowment feeds the minds of the chosen children year after year. Additional generated funds that are not utilized for the scholarship from the endowment interest, which can be from interest rate fluctuations, are kept in the account. These funds will be utilized for future scholarships, management fees and operational costs. Rates based off of a 3% interest rate.

Requirements for Individual Scholarships:

  • $35,000 = funds 1 student annually
  • $70,000 = funds 2 students annually
  • $105,000 = funds 3 students annually

Show these children that you care by giving unconditional support forever. The gift that never stops giving and feeding the dreams of our children in need. Accounts will be managed by JTF’s Financial Institute.


  1. You name your Scholarship
  2. Qualifies you for the Legacy Society and its benefits
  3. Announced and recognized on the website, annual event program, newsletter and annual report annually.

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