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Pastor Galdino Don Juan

Casa de Amistad, Founder

MAEGA Foundation, Advisor

Hispanic Ministries at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I live in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. -- Unknown.

Pastor Galdino Don Juan

Biography of Pastor Galdino Don Juan by Jamie Supinger-Crowley

If you visit him in his office, Pastor Galdino Don Juan may point out a sign containing the above quote but you are more likely to understand his philosophy when you watch him in action. Today, Pastor is “officially” responsible for the growth and development of the Hispanic congregation at the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church (SBPC). He leads Sunday worship, teaches adults and provides leadership for men’s and women’s groups. He strives to get SBPC members involved in community outreach and ministry to the Hispanic community living in the footprint of the church. What makes Pastor Galdino so exceptional, however, is how he has provided for the needs of Hispanic children and their families.

Born and raised in South Texas, Galdino graduated from high school as valedictorian of his class. Scholarships helped pay his way through the liberal arts, Presbyterian Austin College. After Seminary, Pastor Galdino Don Juan was ready for his life’s assignments in four different States. Along the way he acquired experience, grants and funding for several programs serving senior citizens, Head Start for pre-schoolers, and a community library. He worked as a chaplain in a correctional facility and he tended to the needs of the poor and disabled people. When the opportunity rose to serve the total life of a church community that included performing marriages, Baptizing members and working with families at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, Pastor Galdino and his wife Francesca, knew that they had found a home.

Operating with the belief that “every child deserves the best we can give”, Pastor began working with indigent families who had limited support systems for their families. He and Francesca began tutoring three Hispanic children at the request of a mother unable to help her children with homework in English. More families learned of the help those children were receiving and soon, from that small seed of kindness and assistance, roots took hold and today more that 180 children, K-12, receive help with homework and studies. Under Pastor’s direction, Casa de Amistad, a non-profit tutoring and life skills center, was born. Over 100 volunteers serve as educational mentors. Casa also partners with Magdalene Ecke YMCA, Solana Beach School District, and the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.

Pastor Galdino Don Juan holds hands with Jonathan Tarr Foundation through his advisory position to MAEGA, the Mexican-American Education Foundation. MAEGA provides scholarships to Latino students in the San Dieguito Union High School District. JTF also provides scholarships to AVID program MAEGA recipients at La Costa Canyon HS, San Dieguito Academy HS, and Torrey Pines HS. Jamie Supinger-Crowley, JTF Charter Board Director, nominated Pastor Galdino for the Humanitarian Award. She teaches in the Solana Beach School District and she knows first hand what a difference the Casa de Amistad program makes in the performance of the elementary and middle school level students who eventually will be successful in local high schools.

Pastor Galdino Don Juan is being honored by JTF during Hispanic Heritage Month. Pastor Galdino keenly recognizes the potential of Spanish speaking youth and he sets a fine example for the future leaders of the Latino Communities of San Diego County.

Pastor Galdino Don Juan was nominated by:

  • Jamie Supinger-Crowley, 2nd Grad Teacher
  • Solana Santa Fe Elementary School Solana Beach School District
  • Charter Board Member of Jonathan Tarr Foundation

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