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Edgar Engert

San Diego North County Businessman and Community Leader

Love grows by service. Charlotte P. Gilman

Biography of Edgar Engert by Jamie Supinger-Crowley

Edgar Engert

Edgar Engert knows a lot about service and a lot about growing things. His service to his adopted nation the United State of America, is a story of love made visible.

Born and educated in Germany, Edgar immigrated to Long Island, New York in 1958. For ten years he worked for one of the area’s largest growers while extending his horticultural education at Farmington College. In 1968, Edgar transplanted himself and his family to California where he put down roots in Encinitas, working for the Paul Ecke Poinsettia Ranch and becoming the ranch’s production manager. While working in sales fore the Ecke Ranch, Edgar traveled extensively in the US, Europe and Japan while educating growers about Poinsettias.

For 14 years, Edgar organized the extremely popular Flower and Garden Show at the Del Mar Fair. Growing from an initial one acre exhibit, Edgar nurtured the now four acre show into a spectacular event that attracts thousand of local and international visitors. Woven into this living venue are educational opportunities for students from elementary schools through college. Scholarships through the Don Diego Garden Party are funded as well. Edgar and his staff have received a myriad of awards for this awe-inspiring horticultural show.

Service to children and youth has been an outgrowth of much of Edgar’s volunteer work. He has worked closely with the Magdalena Ecke YMCA for 31 years securing a safe, educational and inspiring location for children and their families. As a founding member of the North Coast Chapter of Y’s Men International, his leadership has been felt locally, nationally and internationally.

Edgar and his wife, Renate, propagated their own family. Daughter, Lianne, and sons, Ron and Jim have been recipients of their father’s dedication to the community in which they were raised. Edgar credits his family and the multitude of civic and community volunteers for helping him to receive this recognition tonight. Truly the exceptional life of this tireless man has made love visible for all who know him and for all who have benefited by his life of service.

Edgar’s love for America, its youth and citizens is further evidenced through dozens of other activities.

His giving spirit continues to grow and provide support to other organizations, such as:

  • Quail Botanical Gardens Encinitas, Board Member and Volunteer
  • San Dieguito Heritage Museum, Board Member
  • City of Encinitas, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation
  • Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Past President and Board Member
  • Encinitas Octoberfest, Founder
  • Encinitas Rotary Club, Past President and Member

Edgar Engert was nominated by:

  • Doug Jones, President North Coast Y’s Men International Service Club
  • Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA Encinitas, CA

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